BTS: Spring Campaign ’13

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BTS: Spring Campaign ’13

Hey there!

Here we go again..
A couple of weeks ago I posted this other blogpost (link) about my lates photoshoot with the theme ‘Valentine’s Day’ – and since I got that much positive feedback from it; I decided to make up another. w00p w00p!

This time around the theme was ‘Easter vs. Spring’! And since our marketing department couldn’t decided whether or not to stick with their original ideas, they came to me saying that; “It would be awesome if it all had a flair of pin-up/60′s spirit…”.

My response to that…

To begin with, it was clear to me that I under no circumstances would make anything with either chickens, bunnies or eggs. Nope…not gonna happend…!

I haven’t got that much interesting to say about the process leading up to the shoot – other than the model I hired got the flu’ the day before the shoot itself. Damn you flu… ಠ_ಠ
Of course the bureau helped find another girl for the shoot, however, its never cool to have THAT little time to find a substitute and since I already used some time picking the first one out – its just pathetic going through the whole process again..


The photo we are going to talk about today, is this:

I decided to use this due to the fact that I found the post-process in Photoshop a lot more interesting, than on any of the other photos from that day. :-) Speaking of it; I’ve attached a little video showing the whole process in Photoshop, further down the post.
I choosed to shoot with a Canon 1D Mk III, but this time around I worked with a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM. Mainly because of the space available at the location (in studie), which was packed with boxes that day, and that made me quite immobilized! The second – and most important thing – was that I had some clear goals of only shooting full body shots, and not just facials etc.

My other equipment consisted of one reflextor, two Style RX500 lightning heads (one equipt with a strip softbox and the other mounted with a 80×80 softbox). Last but not least; one Style RX600 lightning with a 100×100 softbox attached, and placed on a boom-arm shooting downwards from above.

Lightning setup:

Lighting Setup

It’s impossible to see on this illustration, but I had my strip light pointing down in an angle approximately near 40 degrees. The point in this was to lighten up the shoes and legs of the model well.


Some weeks leading up the shoot, my assistent contacted me and suggested that we tried playing around with some balloons! My first thought was; “Hell yeah! That’s what we’re going to do!!”, but then I thought a little more about it….and then I was like; “FUCK YEAAH! That would be awesome! :D”. So the next thing she did was to order a couple of balloons from a danish site called (which by the way is an awesome name in your in URGENT need of balloons! :p)
So, we received the package containing the balloons – and everything was going as planned.

….however, non of us thought about the fact that we need helium to make them actually hover! Which could turn out as a really big problem. xD

After some chit-chat and brainstorming, I decided to go with the “Fuck you gravity!”-attitude and suggested we just photoshopped the ballons in post-process. I thought the best way to achieve that look, was by getting my assistant to hold a ballon with a leash attached from a ladder, and having the model posing.


Its common knowledge that when doing photoshoots, you’ll be shooting A-to-the-LOT photos, and in the end only got like four or five that you will go on further with. But this time around I decided to merge three photos, getting the best result! (See the video below for further info…)
While being busy with the work in the studio, we completely forgot about the weather which had changed to something usefull…… or so I thought! -.-

Damn you Scandinavian-weather!!!

We decided, however, to pack our equipments and drive to a location the MUA, Maria Wahlin, knew. The location itself was fine – the weather however; freezing cold…


I’ve made up this little video showing you how our day worked out, so you can get the idea of how it looks like when 1 photographer, 1 assistant, 1 MUA and 1 model think they got everything under control.. :p

Ladies und gentlemen, may I present to you;

(In the end of the video, you’ll see some of the shots from that day)


And like that’s not enough; I’ve made up yet another movie for viewing pleasure, showing me editing one of the photos in Photoshop:

(Notice how blue her legs looks like on that thumbnail! xD Its fast-paced – BUT AWESOME!)


Well…that was all this time around! Feel free to leave me comment, and ask if you want to know anything. Of course I’ll try to answer you the best I have learned – just remember that I’m not that strong in all the technical and theoretical stuff in this buisness! I’m more of a “Ok-that-didn’t-work-out-very-well-let’s-try-something-else’-kind of guy.
And by the way; its the same way I work in post-process

One thing is for sure tho: I won’t do it – if I don’t find it entertaining!


Rock on!! \m/

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  • Mike

    Wow amazing!! I would be the first to buy if you ever make a instructional lighting and editing dvd set!!

    keep up the great work.

    • Hehe, good to hear Mike! :)

      I haven’t considered doing that tho, so you might just need to stay tuned on this blog or follow me on Facebook to get the latest news from me.
      But glad you liked this.