BTS: Valentine’s Day

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BTS: Valentine’s Day


Since I’ve been asked repeatedly by a lot of persons (Read: two…!), I hereby represents a little walktrough of a photoshoot I had a couple of months ago. The theme was ‘Valentine’s Day’.
I won’t go into any details of the boring parts like; booking the models, choosing the clothing/accessories etc.

Well, here goes nothing…

The photo we’re going to talk about today looks like this:

This is how the final result looked like. Follow the guide & watch the video to see how it’s made up.

It was chosen from a stack of good photos by the end of the day. By the way; when I say ‘stack’ – I mean approximately 200-300 photos. :)

Note! It’s NOT the same photo as I’m going to talk about in the next couple of lines!


I used a Canon 1D-s  Mk III with a Canon 70 – 200mm f./2.8 L IS USM lense attached. Furthermore I brought along a reflextor and an Elinchrom Style RX 500 including a 80×80 softbox. The reason why I choosed that size, was because I knew the location in advantage and were well aware of the lack of space.
Last but not least; I brought a 25 mm, 35 mm and a 50 mm (BONUS INFO: which had a broken focus point!), because of the task I was given; make up a photo which contains both a male and female model, and at the same time symbolizes the phrase; “Come on honey! We gotta go, otherwise we won’t get the reserved table.”.
And that combined with a small appartment = wide angle is needed!


So, to sum up, our list of problems looked like this:

 - The female model who I was given that day, was completely new… Her first job, to be honest. That said, she was incredible sweet and I would love to shoot with her again, but I wasn’t informed about this by the agency. It requires a bit more from you, as the photographer, because you’ll need to instruct the person a bit more than normal. An at the same time the model, haven’t got any “safety” poses, or know how they looks the best.

 - SPACE!! Since we were shooting in an appartment, that was a huge handicap for the whole team. (HINT: Two people can move a surprisingly amount of livingroom furnitures in a short time, when needed!)

 - The photo was supposed to look like it was made up in the evening… and that’s rather bad when we were shooting in the middel of the day and daylights outside the window! :p


Anyway.. As I mentioned before, I did choose to focus on one of the other photos from that day, now, in the walkrough….because….well…because I can! :)


My lightning setup looked like this:

An overview of my lightning setup for this shot. Due to the limited amount of space, I had only one light source.

An overview of my lightning setup for this shot. Due to the limited amount of space, I had only one light source.



I have made up this video showing you the process and might help you understand HOW little space we actually operated under. :)

(It contains a couple of more photos from the shoot)


And here, right before we end this post, you’ll find a video showing me editing one of the photos. The whole process….. but FAST AND METALIZED! \m/



I won’t say that much more about it, because I honestly don’t know what to say? :p I just go with the flow, and follow the ‘trial-and-error’ principles. By doing it that way, you’re not completely locked to focus on doing thing in ONE way and one way only! A bit more fun – in my opinion.


Feel free to ask me about anything, and I will do my best to help you. :)